Rodger Bow


On completing his schooling, Rodger Bow enlisted in the Navy for 9 years and was involved in the Vietnam war.  Discharging from the Navy, Rodger joined the Queensland Police and served for 31 years.  After probationary training in Brisbane, he was transferred to Ingham and remained there for his entire service to the Police.

Retiring early from the Police in 2008, Rodger then joined the State Emergency Service at Ingham and is currently the Local Controller for the Hinchinbrook Unit.   Rodger is also a member of the Australian Air Force Cadets and has been for 28 years and is currently the Commanding Officer.

Rodger is involved with the Queensland RSL, where he was a Board Member for 10 years and then the Executive Vice Chairman for 3 years.  As a Board member, he has attended the 5-day residential Company Directors course.

Rodger is the recipient of several awards in the Australian Honours system.

Rodger served as the Mayor of the Hinchinbrook Shire Council from 2012 to 2016.  Now retired, he is a member of several committees, and a Trustee of the Scartwater Managing Trust – Education

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