Everglow is an association incorporated under the associations incorporation act 1981 (QLD).

Our central office is in Townsville, Queensland, and we provide services in Townsville, Ingham and Ayr.

Everglow began as a pilot program in Townsville in 1988, under the Community Options Model, providing community based services to older people from cultural and linguistically diverse backgrounds (CALD).

The pilot was successful and the Ethnic Liaison Project was established in 1989. The project continued to grow reaching out to provide home care services in Ayr and Ingham to new Australians and first and second generation Australians.

Ethnic Community Care Links was incorporated in 1996 and by 2002, provided services to over 230 clients and employed 60 bilingual personal carers speaking a total of 45 languages.

Our basis for how we deliver services and conduct business is the principle to ‘Value Me As I Value You’.

We believe that there is strength in diversity and community. For 30 years we have developed a reputation for working in partnership with our clients to provide personalised care that is dignified, respectful and focused on maintaining individual autonomy and community connection.

In 2015, with the ECCLI brand and philosophy well established within the community, the members decided to rename the association as Everglow and extend services to the broader community. ECCLI still retains a number of places in the Home Care Programme which are prioritised for persons from a CALD background and our ability to provide culturally appropriate services and language facilitation remains unchanged.

Today Everglow has over 1,000 clients and over 60 staff. Our commitment to individual and community wellness remains as strong as ever.

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