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“We’ve got big plans for the coming year and now this new benchmark to hit when the next the annual survey comes around…”

AUTHOR: Wayne Crase

With such a heavy focus on being a leader in service and support within the home care industry, it’s rewarding knowing that our hard work at Everglow Community Care is being noticed by the people that matter most – our clients.

Each year, we hold our Annual Client Feedback Survey.  The results from this year well and truly exceeded our expectations. The results, which were finalised in September, show Everglow Community Care sitting at a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 91.5 when compared with providers of the same size on a national scale.

The annual survey aims to provide a snapshot moment in time to indicate where providers are sitting, what they’re doing well and what they can improve on. Providers who have an NPS sitting anywhere above a 70 being deemed excellent.

Client care is paramount to what we do here at Everglow Community Care and it’s great to know that our clients can see and feel that. We aren’t in this line of work for the recognition but it’s a great feeling to know that what you do is truly affecting people in such a positive way.

We too often hear horror stories from new clients who’ve felt chewed up and spat out by other providers taking them for a ride. It’s heartbreaking to hear; getting older can be challenging enough especially in this technologically advancing age, our aging population shouldn’t feel like they’re being taken for granted or worse – forgotten.

The hard work certainly doesn’t stop here and we’ve got big plans for the coming year.  We’ll be working even harder to ensure this new benchmark is the hallmark of Everglow Community Care long into the future.


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