Language Facilitation


Everglow supports the rights of clients to understand and communicate effectively with staff and other service providers.  We are committed to using professional or registered interpreters where appropriate and available. However, we acknowledge that interpreters are not always available.

Everglow will communicate between providers and clients, where required through staff who are bilingual facilitator. A bilingual facilitator is an Everglow staff member or volunteer who may act as an advocate and language and cultural bridge between clients and the service environment.

Everglow staff are fluent in the following language and dialects:

  •    Cantonese.
  •    Korean.
  •    Mandarin.
  •    Albanian.
  •    Italian.
  •    Hindi (13 dialects).
  •    Tamil.
  •    Malayalam.
  •    Arabic (20 dialects).
  •    Kurdish.
  •    Russian.
  •    Samoan.
  •    Sicilian.
  •    Dutch.

Please contact our Townsville Office on (07) 4725 1822 if you require assistance with language facilitation.